Click here for photos of
Proline Cold Asphalt in action.

  • Permanent polymer modified material
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to install (just pour and compact)
  • Works in water
    Superior cold weather workability (will feed from a patching truck at 20° F., no heat needed)
No other cold asphalt will work or perform like ProLine®

This bituminous polymer modified cold patching material is designed to be applied in the ambient temperature range of 0°F to 100°F. The mixture will provide satisfactory coating, workability, adhesive and cohesive characteristics while functioning during cool to hot and / or wet to dry climatic conditions. Once in place and compacted, ProLine ® Polymer modified cold asphalt is virtually unaffected by changes in weather conditions or exposure to weighted and / or continuous traffic flow.

Pothole Filled with water? ProLine ® is not affected by water! proof
Patching in extreme Cold Weather? ProLine ® is workable at 0° F. NO HEAT! proof
Badly Damaged Areas? ProLine ® Repairs Damaged Areas QUICKLY! proof
Rutting on Highways & Streets? From Thick To Thin NO TACK Needed With ProLine! proof

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